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Rolli, the rolling alarm clock  
Rolli, the rolling alarm clock

from 72,00 EUR
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Color:  white 72,00 EUR
Aqua 72,00 EUR
black 72,00 EUR
orange 72,00 EUR
kiwi 72,00 EUR

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Rolli, the rolling alarm opinion:

  • This alarm clock rolls away from the bed - you have to get up, turn it off.
  • As an alarm can also be used MP3s and voice recordings.
  • With adjustable volume, snooze time and much more.
Do you belong to the people who are badly out of bed and press the snooze button instead of constantly getting up? Then turtleneck is the perfect alarm clock for you, because it lets you go back to sleep once and then makes himself easily from the dust!  

Rolli comes from the creators of Timy, the rolling alarm clock, and also works similarly. He offers some additional features.  
As you can Timy snoozen also wheelchair once and then rolled away, while he plays the alarm. So you have no choice but to stand up.  

Unlike Timy wheelchair but need no wheels. It has instead a weight in the interior, which is moved by a motor and the spherical alarm clock to the rolling. By some projections on the outside of the movement is deflected so that it does not roll straight, but very dynamic - it should not be so easy to catch!  
Rolli is the way a shell made of silicone that can withstand him falling from 90cm. It does nothing when it rolls off the bedside table!  

Other features of wheelchair:  
In addition to its tendency to move away from the bed, wheelchair or other offers great features. Especially nice is that in addition to the default alarm tone also plays MP3s up and voice messages can be recorded. On the memory space for 10 sound files total length of 6 hours. For uploading the MP3s wheelchair has a mini-USB port. A mini-USB to USB cable is included.  
Rolli can also be adjusted in great detail. The sound of the alarm and snooze minutes can be adjusted in 10 steps, the scrolling function and the sound effects in the menu can be switched off, the clock, either 12 - or 24-hour mode is displayed and there is a demo and a sleep timer .  

The operation of wheelchair is easy and intuitive -. It takes more than two buttons and the touch-sensitive edge of the screen (touch-wheel control An English manual is included if you have any questions, our support will help to further !  
Wheelchair is available in orange, aqua, white, black and kiwi.  

With wheelchair so you get a nice, modern alarm clock in your favorite color with many individually adjustable functions, the guarantees you out of bed, catching up!

Technical details:
  • Dimensions:   8.5 cm in diameter
  • Power supply:   By battery
  • Required batteries:   3 * AAA (not included)

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