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färbiges shower water  
färbiges shower water

43,20 EUR
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Shower water Färbiges opinion:

  • Illuminates the stream of water your shower.
  • Requires no batteries, power is generated by water flow
  • Two versions: Alternate colors or different color depending on water temperature
With the Smurf water you can already tap your different depending on the temperature can be illuminated, but will get a more impressive effect you get with this shower head with built-in LEDs can illuminate the stream of water your shower. The lighting is such that the light like a fiber optic line in the water jet propagates and thus provides a fascinating effect.  

There is a shower head in two different versions: Temperature controlled and color-changing effect. In the temperature-controlled version of the color depends on the water temperature below 32 ° C in green, blue, 32-40 ° C, purple 40-45 ° C and red at about 45 ° C. In color-changing version of the lighting changes the color of alternating between the yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, white, turquoise, green, and, regardless of water temperature.  

The shower head can easily be used in place of your existing shower head, it fits on the standard shower hoses. The device requires no batteries, the energy required for lighting is obtained from the environmentally friendly water pressure . The shower head is about 25cm long and made of chrome plated plastic.

Technical details:
  • Dimensions:   25cm long
  • Required batteries:   No

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