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Toili talks to you  
Toili talks to you

33,60 EUR
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Toili talks to you opinion:

  • With this gadget you can accept up to 9 seconds long messages that are played when someone pulls on the toilet paper.
Do you feel a bit lonely sometimes in the bathroom, so no computer, no chat program, with no communication to the outside world ...?  

How would it be with the Toili, the talking toilet paper holder, to make matters a bit more varied the toilet?  

By Toili You can namely the person who visits the loo after you, a message of up to 9 seconds long leave - just press REC, talk - ready! The message will be played as soon as you pull the paper. This has a bit of what   Instant Messenger   Flair is guaranteed and provide one or two surprising moment in the toilet ;)  

We have just put together a few sentences with which you could discuss the speaker toilet paper holder geekfreundlich:  

- "You have drawn on toilet paper, your request"  
- "Error 403: Access to the toilet paper is denied"  
- "Unauthorized paper removal, system goes down automatically,"  
- "Access Denied, the operation is canceled, please contact the toilet service."  
- "The media in the drive is almost empty toilet paper holder Please present soon a new disc into the drive toilet paper holder."  
-. "This toilet is under video surveillance To turn off the monitor, you need a license key."

The news is often about playable and if you want to have your quiet time, you switch from TIOLI easy.  

Toili is a super bathroom gadget that will provide entertainment on the toilet and beyond even a certain kind of technical communication in this lonely place to be possible, so that you just do not feel quite so alone!  

Unfortunately, there is no German instructions, instructions in English but is printed on the packaging.  

Technical Info:
  • Dimensions:   16cm x 3.5cm (fits in your toilet paper holder)
  • Batteries required:   2 * AAA (not included)
  • Material:   Plastic

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