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Robotic insects  
Robotic insects

36,00 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
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Robotic insects opinion:

  • Infrared remote controlled little robot in the form of insects.
  • Rechargeable via USB.
Bored at the office, because nothing needs to be done - or the bosses are out? ;) The evening celebration will and will not easily within reach?  

Then check the time sells, but just with a robotic insects!  

In the robotic insects are a small, infrared remote controlled robot that looks like a wood louse and equipped with bright eyes (which is especially true in the dark what fancier). With the robotic insects you can with your colleagues exciting races around the office chairs and exciting battles on the desks organized so any boredom is sold quickly.  

The robotic insects met by remote control commands forward, turn backward, turn left, turn right and stop. On his insect legs he achieved an average speed of 30 cm per second - that's even fast enough to become something moppelig cat back on trot :)  

We offer the robotic insects in 4 different colors. Because each color has its own frequency, it is not a problem, they simultaneously run around or to pit against each other. What color you get, however, is left to chance.  
You can recharge the robot insects via the USB port on your computer.  
A guide to English is your robot insect.  

Get the best several robotic insects for you and your colleagues so that you You in the next 'Nothing to do-' phase can occupy the office in an entertaining way!  

Technical Info:
  • Dimensions: Robot Insect: about 8x7x3cm, remote control: about 8x3x1cm
  • Batteries required:   The remote control uses 3 lithium button cells (replaceable, included), the robot insect has a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery via USB
  • Material:   Plastic
  • Storage capacity:   10 min charge = 15 minutes of operation (The charging cable is included)

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