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Nuisance opinion:

  • This little device is randomly generates sounds.
  • Secretly hidden, it is the perfect way to annoy people and get revenge.
  • Since the sounds are played back only about once per minute, it is very hard to find.
Would not it be perfect to have a befitting for geeks method for small (or even large) acts of revenge by the hand? With the nuisance you can effectively effortlessly take revenge on your fellow human beings:  

The Idiot is a small electronic device that randomly generates is a striking sound. The device is so small that it can be easily hidden and almost invisible. This combination is ideally suited to drive your fellow men to madness, for it will forever spend working to find the source of the noise.  

The sound can be played you choose between 6 different sounds - choose from a beep Katzenmiauen, barking dogs, Grillenzierpen, farting and an ugly laugh. In addition, a random selection of the noise is possible. The duration between the sounds of the pest is selected randomly from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You can also set that the nerve dwarf is only activated when it is dark. In addition, you can choose between 4 different volume levels. Of course you can also the unit on and off (only after it was found, of course).  

The device has dimensions of 4.5 cm * 4.5 and requires a CR2032 battery, which is included. The battery life in continuous operation takes several weeks.  

So much for technology. To practice is to say that above all the random spacing between the notes ensures that your victims can not find the device is nearly impossible, because you can not at all be prepared when the next clue to the whereabouts comes. This is precisely localize with high notes to almost anyway, but especially common course is also an activated light sensor, as your victim will turn to search for the source of noise certainly light, but unfortunately then silenced the noise. So also another note: The effects of this device can be enormous and lead mentally unstable people to serious damage. Please put it thus a carefully and inform your victims after some time on the device.  

Technical Info:
  • Dimensions:   4,5 x4, 5cm
  • Power supply:   By battery
  • Batteries required:   1 * CR2032

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